Guide for E-learning materials of a “B” category driveing licence

Our trainings and teaching materials are modular based ones. We pay scrupulous attention to our students’ individual abilities and skills in connection with learning.

The system provides 3 months/60 hours access for the candidates, who have to spend a minimum 5-hour long time in the training. The course has to be fulfilled within 3 months. It can be prolonged with 10 hours/30 days for an extra charge (8,000 HUF).

Way of application: personally at our customer service or via email.

Necessary application documents:

– completed application form

– medical aptitude paper or valid driving licence

– school report of a minimum 8th grade elementary school qualification

– identity card, address card

– first installment of the school fees, Highway Code exam fee

Once the student has already applied, the driving school is going to organise the course; the average lead time is approximately 2 days.

Az E-Titan system sends the entrance code to the candidate’s email address.

After the modules have been fulfilled successfully, the E-Titan system sends a confirmation to the student, the driving school and the Supervisory Board of Transport in a written form.

By means of this certificate, the student can apply for the invitation of the Highway Code test towards the driving school.

The practical part of the training can only be started after a successfully fulfilled theory test.

Warning! Do not log out of the software by clicking on the ’X’ button!

Practical training: after asuccessful theoretical exam the driving practice can be started.Candidatescan fix appointments with their driving instructors. Driving consists of a 9-hour long basic training (skill and security check) and 20 hours of driving in the traffic. As soon as the compulsory taken practical lessons have been finished, ’driving test’ can be done.

First aid training: students can get the driving licence on condition that they have already passed the first aid exam. The training consists of 2 theoretical lessons. The exam is taken place at the local office of the Red Cross (Miskolc, Városház tér 2.).

The costs of the training:

The fee of the course:

Theory:            54,000 HUF
Practice:         150,000 HUF

In total:204,000 HUF

Exam fees:                  Highway Code test: 4,600 HUF 

     Road skills test: 11, 000 HUF 

Medical aptitude test:                                                                                7,200 HUF

                    The course and exam fees of the first-aid: 17,200 HUF 

Total cost:      244,000 HUF

Extra lesson : 5,000 HUF



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